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Image of WWII surgeons working in the battlefield. National Archives (111-SC-202199)

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Jess Wright’s debut novel will be published by SparkPress in April of 2022.

In a story of wartime trauma and postwar recovery, Bruce Duncan, a battlefield surgeon, struggles to rebuild his life in small-town Pennsylvania. Haunted by visions of his near-death experiences, Bruce soon finds that battlefields can appear where we least expect them. A chance encounter thrusts him into another clash—one with a friend, turned enemy. With a gripping narrative, moving from America, back to England under the siege of German rockets, and to the killing fields of Alsace, this novel plunges deep into the crucible of trauma and gives fresh vision for paths to redemption and healing.


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3 Illustrated Guides are for professionals and are written by suthor Jesse Wright, MD

British Medical Association named Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Severe Mental Illness its "mental health book of the year.”

About the Author

An endowed Chair in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Louisville (UofL) and Director of the UofL Depression Center, Dr. Wright has published eight books (two for the general public and six for professionals) .

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Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide

This book is one of my favorites. It is in the very top rank of CBT texts and stands alone in its masterful blending of text and video.”
—Aaron T. Beck, M.D., University Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Severe Mental Illness: An Illustrated Guide

This is the Wright stuff—a helpful, practical, readable book for clinicians ready to extend CBT to psychiatric patients with severe mental illness. The expert authors illustrate with video clips the CBT techniques for treating patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe and treatment-resistant depression.”
—John C. Markowitz, M.D., New York State Psychiatric Institute, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

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High-Yield Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Brief Sessions: An Illustrated Guide

I highly recommend this book to providers who work in brief sessions, primary care and psychiatry residents, and psychologists and social workers who provide services in unconventional settings.”
— The American Journal of Psychiatry, Patricia A. Arean, Ph.D.,

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