A Stream to Follow

Winner of the EPPY Silver Medal

EPPY Silver Medal

Finalist for the 2022 Best Book Awards
sponsored by American Book Fest

When Bruce Duncan, a battlefront surgeon, returns after WWII to a small town in Pennsylvania to open a general practice, the ravages of his war aren’t over. Haunted by images of soldiers he tried to save, his own near-death experiences, and a lost love, Bruce has little respite before new battles grip him. His brother, a decorated fighter pilot, is imploding and rebels against attempts to help. A former friend wages a vicious campaign to stop Bruce from uncovering the dangers that could shutter a local industry where silicosis is killing the workers. And Bruce must decide between the slim prospect of reuniting with the Englishwoman who chose her family over him and a growing attraction to a trail-blazing woman doctor.

With a story that moves from post-war America back to the killing fields of Alsace and to England under the siege of German rockets, A Stream to Follow gives fresh vision for paths to healing. Plunging into the crucible of trauma, it’s an uplifting tale of resilience of the human spirit and the search for enduring love.

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Praise for A Stream to Follow

  • “Jess Wright’s A Stream to Follow is a gripping reminder of the trauma of war and the healing power of family and love. A stunning and heartfelt debut.”
    Linda Kass, award-winning author of Tasa’s Song and A Ritchie Boy
  • “. . . an absolute joy to read.”
    Ames Sheldon, author of Eleanor’s Wars, Don’t Put the Boats Away, and Lemons in the Garden of Love
  • This post-World War II novel touchingly and intelligently reminds us that no war ever ends. It survives in our minds and bodies, daring us to live and love alongside our memories of brutal history and unforgettable valor. 
    Shelly Blanton-Stroud, author of The Copy Boy
  • These pages recall the best parts of Hemingway’s Nick Adams, diving deep into the ghosts of war, embers of passion, and the drive to do good work and face calamity with courage. Jess Wright has a breathtaking winner with A Stream to Follow.
    Devin Murphy Best-selling Author of The Boat Runner and Tiny Americans
  • “Jess Wright is a gifted story-teller who weaves the lived symptoms of PTSD into a story that will resonate with all. It is a page-turner full of love, intrigue, and tested values.”
    Barbara O. Rothbaum, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Emory University Healthcare Veterans Program
    Author of PTSD: What Everyone Wants to Know